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Automated “Dell Chassis Configuration” GUI script utility

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Back in 2012 for my existing client, I wrote the Script UI using PowerShell, .Net System object, Primal Forms and Dell RACADM utility for Automated configuration of Dell Chassis.

This script configures the following steps in automated manner, and all the required information has been embedded in this script utility.

1) Configuring Chassis name and location Info

2) Configuring Date/Time,NTP server IP and enabling NTP

3) Enabling Flex Address

4) Enable Dynamic Power Supply Engagement

5) Configuring Network settings

6) Configuring IPv6 Lan Networking (Disabling all option of IPv6)

7) Creating CMC Admin accounts and configuring permissions

8) Configuring Active Directory settings

9) Configuring Active Directory groups and permissions

10) Configuring RACADM Idle timeout and SNMP string

11) Uploading EY Root SSL certificate

12) Configuring Traps Settings



  1. Ajeet Raina says:

    I dont see script anywhere. Can you share it?

  2. vivek says:

    please share the script.

    Vivek Kesarwani

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